About us


SENSA OLIVA d.o.o. from Zagreb 10000, Sestinski vrh 45, CROATIA; VAT: HR98113098991, is company that care about health and natural way of living. We are distributors and manufacturars of natural cosmetics.
In 2014  we become a exclusive distributors (Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungaria and Austria) for the Spanish company Transcom SL manufacturar of  equipment for colon hydrotherapy and disposable hydrokits.
logo_arribaSince 1980, the date on which it was founded TRANSCOM, Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L. have managed to evolve and remain at the forefront of technology, which made ​​them market leaders and pioneers in the design and manufacture of hydrotherapy equipment automatic and electronic colon.
The manufacturer TRANSCOM, Transcendencias Comerciales, S.L., has gathered together a group of professionals who have spent long years in health care and, more specifically, in Colon Hydrotherapy, a process over one thousand years old and now carried out with modern technology to provide safe and comfortable treatment.
  • Europa
    • Certification CE
    • Certification ISO 13485:2012
  • Canadá
    • Certification CMDCAS
  • USA
    • FDA 510(k) “Cleared” (HC-1, HC-1 Classic, HC-2000 e Hydrokits)
  • México
    • Registration SSA
  • Serbia
    • License in Serbia (HC-1 Classic e Hydrokits)
  • Thailandia
    • Thai FDA license
  • Rusia
    • Roszdravnadzor Registration Certificate
  • Kazakhstan
    • License Kazajistan
  • China
    • Certification (SFDA)
  • Australia
    • Certification (TGA)



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